Our Menu

Our menu has something for everyone (including the kiddies and babies) whether you are looking for standard items or are in the mood for some Dutch delicacies.



When in Rome… or should we say, when in Dutch Haven, eat as the Dutch do!

  • Uitsmijter – Two slices of fresh white bread with gypsy ham, fried eggs with melted Hollandse Boerenkaas (a best seller!)
  • Amsterdamsebiefstuk – Fillet served on two slices of fresh white bread with gravy served with fries and a side salad
  • Frikandel – Dutch sausage served with curry and fritessaus
  • Bitterballen – Bitterballen are a classic Dutch bar snack as they are bite-sized deep-fried beef, mashed potato and gravy meatballs (a favourite!)
  • Kroketten – Similar to bitterballen except bigger and cylindrical in shape.

If in doubt, order one of our chef’s recommendations:

  • Broodjegezond – Our famous French baguette served with Boerenkaas, tomato, boiled egg and mayonnaise served with a side salad
  • TheGreat Gatsby – Fresh roll with lettuce, tomato, chips, masala steak and onions served with a side salad
  • Saucy sirloin – Sirloin steak topped with mushroom sauce and cheese served with chips
  • Gestoofdevlees – Traditional rump stew infused with bacon pieces served on chips with a side salad

You can’t go wrong with these popular choices either:

  • 100% Beef burgers – served with a side salad and chips
  • Bit of everything Dutch – 1 Kroketten, 2 Bitterballen, Frikandel and crumbed chicken strips served with fries and a side salad
  • Rosti – Potatorosti with 2 poached eggs and rocket with Hollandaise sauce
  • Dutch Haven Breakfast – Two eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, beans, chips and toast
  • Wentelteefje – French toast served with maple syrup, 2 rashers of bacon and cheese on the side

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